Graduate Student Timeline

Sample Requirements Timeline

This is based on a two-year model. Some students may take longer to complete their research.

Semester 1

  1. First-level English Proficiency Exam (given at New Grad Student Orientation)
  2. Read and sign the Biology Graduate Policy Signature Page
    (given at New Grad Student Orientation) Email it to the Biology graduate secretary.
  3. Move from Conditionally Classified to Classified
  4. Assemble a thesis/project committee

Semester 2

  1. Meet with your thesis/project committee.
  2. File your Thesis/Project Prospectus (Second-Level English Proficiency Exam).

Semester 3

  1. Meet with your thesis/project committee.
  2. File your Advancement to Candidacy Form.
  3. File your Culminating Experience Form.
  4. File your Animal/Human Subjects Protocol Form (if required).
    Note that filing this form requires that you file your Culminating Experience Form at the same time. Discuss this with your advisor immediately if you work with vertebrate animals.

Semester 4

  1. Meet with your thesis/project committee.
  2. Enroll in Biology 895 or 898. You must have your ATC and Culminating Experience forms on file at Graduate Studies prior to being permitted to enroll in Biology 895/898.
  3. Write, Defend and File your masters thesis/project. This is the final stage of completing your M.S. degree.
  4. Apply to graduate.