Graduate English Proficiency

According to University policy, all graduate students must demonstrate an acceptable level of written English proficiency twice during their program: (1) upon entry into the program and (2) prior to advancement to candidacy.

The Department of Biology, in compliance with the University procedure on English Writing Proficiency for Graduate Students, has adopted the following requirements for all entering conditional and classified graduate students. These requirements may not be waived.

First-Level English Proficiency Exam

All graduate students will complete a proctored written essay at the beginning of their first semester, immediately following the new student orientation meeting. This is a diagnostic exercise to determine if the student requires remediation in written composition. The essay is reviewed by their advisor. If course work is recommended to complete the requirement, it cannot be included as part of the 30 unit course requirement for the master's degree. Students will be given their choice of two articles to read and write about. The exam will last for about 90 minutes. This exam is diagnostic only and will not affect your admission status. Newly admitted students will be informed of time and place in their acceptance letter.