B.S. Physiology

The rapid growth of knowledge about the nature and function of biological mechanisms has made physiology a corner-stone of the biological and medical sciences. This program offers training in the study of physiological systems in animals (including humans) and plants. A concentration in Physiology is suited for students preparing for careers in healthcare and research.

The Physiology program at San Francisco State University is designed to provide students with a strong background in the basic sciences and an opportunity to obtain either a general overview of the field or to specialize. Emphases in Physiology include the neurosciences, reproductive and endocrine physiology, comparative and ecological physiology and aging.

Career options in Physiology: This degree could be for you if you enjoy studying a wide variety of organisms at a systems level. Possible careers could include academic research, healthcare (including nursing), biomedical science, biotechnology, clinical and medicinal research, conservation and environmental science and agricultural and food science.


Scientist wearing a vibrant blue scarf