B.S. Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

This program offers a flexible but rigorous plan of study in the life sciences for students interested in ecology, natural history, conservation, and population biology. The B.S. in EECB is suited for students preparing for a variety of careers, such as research, consulting, conservation, and sustainability.

Ecologists are systems level biologists who study organisms and the environment around them, examining relationships and interactions between wildlife, plant life and the surrounding geography. Depending on the specific coursework students may choose, the focus of study may vary in size and scale of ecosystem function. This program offers training in animal biology through coursework in evolutionary biology, ecology, behavior and anatomy and physiology of both vertebrate and invertebrate animals.

The EECB program maintains a close association with the California Academy of Sciences, where extensive research collections of insects, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals are available for a wide variety of studies by advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

Why choose a career in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology:

If you enjoy being outside and getting curious, this career could be for you. The types of jobs EECB majors can obtain are numerous and can include animal caretaker, park naturalist, restoration ecologist, and  natural resource manager. Having said that, ecologists also spend a lot of time in laboratories and offices, analyzing their findings and writing reports. Career options that include more potential for time indoors include veterinary technologist or technician, environmental consultant, conservationist, technical writer, biology teacher and research technician.

If you want to become a doctor or a dentist or work in the health professions, an EECB degree can be used as a means to your goal.

The degree also prepares students to pursue graduate work in ecology and systematic biology, evolutionary biology, and related areas.

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