B.S. Cell & Molecular Biology

As a Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) major, you will learn about the fascinating ways that genes and biomolecules drive the behavior and health of eukaryotic cells, tissues and organisms. The BS in Cell and Molecular Biology is suited for students preparing for a variety of careers, such as scientific research, healthcare, biotechnology industry, computational biology, forensics and education.

The CMB major focuses on the fundamental building blocks of ourselves and other eukaryotic organisms: genes, biomolecules and cells. Courses and electives in the major connect these topics to themes across biology like health, biodiversity and evolution. The CMB major also provides training in cutting-edge science practices like genomic sequencing, cell and tissue culture, microscopy, computational biology and community engagement.

Career options for Cell and Molecular Biology majors: Our CMB majors have successfully entered into careers in research, healthcare, pharmacology, biotechnology, computational biology and forensics. In addition, this degree can be combined with interests in law (patents and intellectual property), business and education.