PINC Summer Program

Are you curious about research science?  Interested in learning computer programming?  Looking to develop and apply your coding skills?  Check out the PINC Summer Program (PSP)!

In the PSP, students work in small teams to learn new coding skills, and then apply those skills to a collaborative research project in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, and Public Health. The PSP will culminate in a presentation of research results at the Summer Research Symposium. The PSP grows out from the Summer Programs offered in years past. Last year, we offered students in environmental science, geography, and public health the opportunity to participate in the program along with biology and chemistry students. 

30 students will be placed into one of 6 teams, depending on topic preference and time availability. They will learn R or Python programming, with support from a peer mentor! Then, students will be able to apply their newly gained knowledge on programming into a research topic based on their topic preference and will be supported by the peer mentor and faculty advisor to work on a project. That project will be presented at the Summer Research Symposium at the end of July.

If you're interested in participating in the 2024 PINC Summer Program, please click the link below!

PSP Alum Spotlight

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“Upon joining the summer PINC program, I had little to no coding skills. However, my mentors were very encouraging and supported my team and I the entire time in finishing our research project. After nine weeks, I learned how to use the programming language, R, to create ggplots and analyze bone health data. Stuff I didn’t think I’d learn in just a few weeks! After finishing the program, I became more interested in learning how to code and enrolled in the PINC minor. Moreover, I made some great friends from the program! 🙂 I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning new skills!”

- Cindy Chu, PSP 2022 Alum

Program Coordinators

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Gretchen LeBuhn ( She/Her/Hers )
Ecology and Evolution
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Rochelle-Jan (RJ) Reyes ( They/Them/Theirs )
Public Health

Previous Cohorts


Who is eligible for the PSP?
All SFSU undergraduate students that are interested in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, geography, environmental science, and public health are welcome to apply for the PINC Summer Program. There are no course requirements nor do you have to be declared with a major to take part in the program.  

Do I need programming and/or research experience to join the PSP?
No, you don’t need any prior programming or research experience to join the program.  In fact, the PSP is designed for folks who have no experience, but are interested in programming and research.

What’s the time commitment?
Participants will meet in their teams for 10 hours/week.  A couple different options available for the specific schedules, but all sessions will be between Monday-Friday. 

When will the program happen?
PSP is an eight-week program, running over June and July. The program will culminate in a research presentation and celebration on the last Saturday (your friends, family, and supporters are invited to learn about your work!) at the Summer Research Symposium.  You can still participate if you are unavailable for a small portion of the program, just note that on your application. 

Where will the program take place?
The program will take place both in-person and online, dependent on the team you are placed in and your choice of location!

What happens once the PSP is over?
Near the end of the program, we will hold an event to connect interested students with labs that need quantitative/computationally skilled researchers. 

How much does the PSP cost for participants? 
The PSP is free!  

Is there a stipend for participants? 
Unfortunately, no stipends are available for PINC Summer Program participants.

Is there a citizenship requirement? 
There is no citizenship requirement to participate in the program. Undocumented students are welcome!