SF State's Climate HQ Organizes Earth Week Festivities for April 17-21

Author: Kanaga Rajan
April 17, 2023
Photo of the planet earth

Earth Week 2023 runs from April 17 to 21, and members of the SF State community are gearing up to celebrate. Among the festivities planned for this year are art exhibitions, research conferences, information sessions, a party, food trucks and more — all centered around celebrating, supporting and saving our planet.

Though various SF State organizations have celebrated Earth Week in the past, this is the first year that many of these activities will fall under the new Climate Justice Leaders Initiative (CJLI) that is part of the University’s Climate HQ, a hub that promotes and supports climate-related activities at SF State. Launched last year, CJLI’s goal is to equip the University’s diverse student body to become leaders who center their work around equity through courses, community activities and campus events. Earth Week 2023 is the initiative’s inaugural event and the first large event under Climate HQ.

“There’s a cohesion now that there never was before, and we hope to keep growing it because I’m sure there are faculty who still don’t know this is happening and who are doing stuff independently in their classrooms,” said Climate HQ Annual Events Committee Chair Erica Pulley, a lecturer in the Department of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts. “Going forward, they can start to tap into Climate HQ’s resources.”

Pulley emphasizes that these events are largely driven by students. Many of her Climate HQ partners organizing Earth Week are students. They are also collaborating with Associated Students Environmental Resource Center and the University’s Office of Sustainability.

“What we’re trying to do is bring a little more joy to this and celebrate all of SF State’s accomplishments and efforts [in climate change and climate justice] and really focus on the students’ efforts as well,” said Astrophysics master’s student Jessica Agnos, one of the student organizers working with Pulley.

The new Climate Change Certificate Program will be highlighted throughout the week as the ambitious project that it is — integrating climate education into as many colleges as possible.  And more events will be happening throughout the week beyond those being organized by Climate HQ. The group plans on updating their website with other events across campus.

Learn more about Earth Week festivities organized by Climate HQ and others on the Climate HQ website.