Kevin Simonin

Kevin Simonin

( He/Him/His )
Associate Professor
University of California, Berkeley
Phone: (415) 338-1695
Location: Hensill Hall 433

Fields: Ecology and Evolution, Physiology

At SF State Since: 2014 

External Personal Website: The Simonin Lab

Specialties: Environmental Plant Biology 

My research program focuses on 2 broad areas: (1) plant water use strategy in response to a changing climate and (2) using stable isotopes to quantify the influence of climate change on plant water use and ecosystem hydrology.  A general theme in my research is the use of biophysical models describing the coordination between plant water loss and carbon gain in order to assess the impact of climate change on plant productivity, water use efficiency and ecosystem hydrology. My research program embraces the idea that increasing our understanding of the biophysical processes that define plant-atmosphere interactions is of critical importance for understanding how natural and human reconfigured ecosystems respond to climate.