Derrick Groom

Derrick Groom

( He/Him/His )
Assistant Professor
University of Toronto 
Location: Office Hensill Hall 419; Lab Hensill Hall 129, 142, 143,144, 145

Field: Physiology

At SF State Since: 2021 

Specialties: Comparative physiology of animals, focused on the energetics and environmental physiology of birds. 

My research is focused on the relationships between locomotion, environment, and energetics. Specifically, I study how different flight environments (eg. low humidity, high elevation) influence the energetics of flight in birds, and potential evolutionary strategies (such as morphological and physiological adaptations) that permit efficient flight in environmentally challenging locales. I do this by studying hovering flight in hummingbirds and migratory flight in Passerines, two groups of flying animals that show remarkable flight capabilities but also contend with highly variable environments. Ultimately, I want to predict how flying animals will be affected by the changing climate, and if we are able to make predictions about their flight capabilities.

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