Certificate FAQs

There is no need to apply for the Certificate before completing its requirements; instead, please complete this survey to let us know you are interested in earning it. To earn the Certificate, follow these instructions.

Please fill out this super short survey (2 min). This survey will also help us keep you in the loop about how to earn the Certificate and Climate-related events at SFSU.

You can add it to your CV, include this information in cover letters for internships or jobs, and use it to apply for jobs in consulting, government, education, nonprofits, etc.

Anytime. You may have already taken courses that will count! See requirements and course options here.

Usually it can be. We recommend you consult with an advisor before registering for courses to make sure you complete all Certificate requirements.

Certificate coursework will include in-person, hybrid, and online coursework in Fall 2021.

No additional service or fieldwork is required to complete the Certificate. However, some individual courses within the Certificate may require service or fieldwork; see course descriptions for details.

How can I meet with an advisor to plan out my Certificate coursework and/or see which courses I’ve taken can meet the Certificate requirements? Related: how do I choose courses for the certificate or plan the direction I want to go in, given my current degree plan and career interests?

Identify an advisor and email them to set up an advising appointment. A list of advisors can be found on the Climate HQ Website.


Yes. To illustrate, here are 2 examples: 

  • If you were an ENVS major, you could count ENVS 130 for your ENVS major, for the Environmental Sustainability requirement, and for the Climate Change Certificate. 
  • Any major could count RRS 276 for their B2 requirement and as one of their four courses in the Climate Change Certificate.

Yes. Note that all Certificate coursework must be completed within 7 years from registration for your first Certificate course.

Yes. If you are a current SFSU graduate student and you took undergraduate courses at SFSU, those courses can also be used toward the Certificate (even if the Certificate didn’t exist when you took the courses).

Yes. You would enroll via CEL.

If a course is transferred in as a specific SF State course that is already part of the certificate then it can fulfill certificate requirements. At least half the Certificate units must be taken in residence at SF State.

Some certificate courses might be offered in the summer and winter semesters. Once you choose the courses you are interested in, please check the bulletin or contact the current course instructor to see if their courses are offered over summer or winter sessions.