Megumo Fuse

Megumi Fuse

( She/Her/Hers )
Professor; Director of SEO
University of Toronto; Program Director of the NIH Bridge to Doctorate program, BMS BE-STEM Scholars Program, VIR Biotechnology Scholars Program
Phone: (415) 405-0728
Location: Office Hensill Hall 422; Lab Hensill Hall 830A, 830B, 830D, 831, 833

Field: Physiology

At SF State Since: 2001 

Specialties: Insect endocrinology and neurobiology 

External Personal Website:

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, playing cello in high school. My passion for Biology came with its introduction in high school by my female Biology teacher. She rocked! I put my cello away and got my first research experience studying meal worms at U. of Toronto. I have been looking at the physiology of insects since!

I now work on the physiology behind painful or damaging stimuli, in terms of learned responses to painful stimuli and alterations in development as tissues repair.