Ed Connor

Edward F. Connor

( He/Him/His )
Professor Emeritus
Florida State University
Email: efc@sfsu.edu

Field: Ecology and Evolution

At SF State Since: 1997

Specialties: Population and quantitative ecology; insect-plant interactions

External Personal Website:

    I am broadly interested in population and community ecology, statistical ecology, biogeography, insect-plant interactions, and sampling and monitoring design in ecology and conservation. My field research employs insects communities and insect-host plant systems to answer basic questions about the population dynamics of pest insects and the structure of insect communities. My interests in statistical ecology and biogeography lie in developing probabilistic statistical procedures for the analysis of biogeographic data and in developing a rigorous framework for hypothesis testing and statistical inference using both experimental and non-experimental evidence in ecology. My work on sampling design focuses on questions concerning the optimal design and allocation of effort in monitoring plant, bird, and bee populations and communities.

    My recent research has focused on trying to determine the mechanism by which insects induce pall galls (tumors) and its evolution, developing hierarchical models for abundance data, and automating avian population monitoring.

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