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The SFSU Department of Biology is a launching pad for our students to great futures. Your donation to our department helps support fundamental discovery and education of relevance to global health, the environment and conservation, and biotechnlogy.

Contributions to the department help support:

1) Student fellowships and scholarships - Recognize the achievements of our excellent and diverse students by helping to fund their education and their advancement to future careers.

2) Endowments - Support finding amazing discoveries in environmental, conservation, education, and biomedical research. Our faculty integrate student training into advancing their cutting-edge research projects, like the Great Sunflower Project and the Science and Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory.

3) Events - The Biology Department hosts numerous events to network our students, faculty and staff with our surrounding community. Please consider helping us host these meaningful and exciting events that include the Personalized Medicine Conferences and the Department of Biology Graduation Ceremony

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Alumni Spotlight 

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Caroline Meloty-Kapella (M.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, 2003) graduated with a B.A. in Biology from Pitzer College in 2001, then pursued her Master's in Cell and Molecular Biology at SF State because of the "dynamic and collaborative learning environment and the numerous and exciting research opportunities."  While a graduate student, she was the first author on two scientific papers which included a cover photo on the June 2006 issue of Developmental Dynamics. Before earning her Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology with an emphasis in Biotechnology and Translational Research from UC Davis in 2007, she was selected as an inaugual fellow for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's "Integrating Medicine into Basic Science."

Caroline, a Clinical Regulatory Affairs employee at Genentech, believes in the value of mentoring students so they can achieve their goal of becoming scientists.  Throughout her academic career, she received mentoring by SF State's RISE program and her faculty advisor, Dr. Carmen Domingo.  She was also selected as the first Genentech Scholar which provided her with opportunities for biotechnology industry internships and mentoring by industry scientists. Now, Caroline is giving back to the community that helped her achieve her goals by being a mentor with the NIH-funded Spectrum Program offered by the Department of Biology's SEPAL program.


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