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Paul Barnes

Faculty in Emeriti Faculty
Professor Emeritus
B.A. 1960 Biology, SF State; M.A. 1963 Biology, SF State; Ph.D. Biochemistry 1969 University of Kansas, Lawrence
At SFSU Since: 
Courses taught: Human Physiology, Endocrinology, Physiology

Dr. Barnes held numerous prominent positions including Chair of the Department of Biology in 1982 when he worked to establish the department as both progressive and prestigious.  He also served as Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

Dr. Barnes' research focused on space physiology.  His work at the NASA-Ames Research Center included testing subjects on a human centrifuge -- at the time, one of only a few centrifuges in the world.  He was interested in 'extreme' physiology and in how to keep astronauts well hydrated and strong during space flight.

In 2004, the Kennedy Space Center honored Dr. Barnes for his professional dedication and outstanding achievement in support of the human space flight program.  (His work is implemented every time an astronaut goes into space.)  He received an Honoree Award, the highest form of recognition bestowed upon an employee by the NASA Space Flight Awareness Program.