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Jan Randall

Faculty in Emeriti Faculty
Professor colleensilver
Professor Emerita
BS Zoology, 1965, University of Idaho (Moscow); MEd. 1969, University of Washington, Seattle; Ph.D. 1977, Washington State University, Pullman, Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH 1977-1979, University of Texas
At SFSU Since: 
Courses taught: Introductory Biology, Nature Study, Mammalogy, Animal Behavior, Hormones and Behavior, Behavioral Ecology.

I had many adventures pursuing my research on the evolution of communication and social behavior of rodents in the deserts of  the U.S., Uzbekistan and China. 

From 1982-2003 Dr. Randall had almost continuous grants from among NIH, NSF, National Geographic Society and US Civilian Research and Development Foundation.  She has over 50 peer-reviewed publications, and is currently an associate editor of Animal Behaviour (2008-2011).  She has been Secretary (2006-2009) and Member-at-Large (1986-1989) of the Animal Behavior Society, a Fellow of the California Academy of Science (1993), on the Board of Directors of the Endangered Species Coalition, Washington, DC and Chair of their Scientific Advisory Committee.  Dr. Randall was awarded Outstanding Alumnus from the University of Idaho (2005).  She is interested in promoting women in science and has funded a seminar series (since 2003) at the University of Idaho that features outstanding women scientists.  In 2013, Dr.Randall was elected a Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society in recognition of her long-term productive research career which demonstrated the importance of social structure in species once considered asocial.

In retirement, she travels and gardens.

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