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Holly Harris

Faculty in Lecturer
Professor colleensilver
B.S. 1986 Biology, SF State; Secondary Life Science Clear Credential 1991, SF State; M.S. 2005 Marine Biology, SF State
HH 128
Courses taught: Human Biology (BIOL 100); Human Biology Laboratory (BIOL 101); The World of Plants (BIOL 150); Introductory Biology I (BIOL 230); Introductory Biology II (BIOL 240); Science Concepts (BIOL 240/SCI 240)

"As a biology instructor, I enjoy leading the students through their "ah ha" moments,           guiding them through their mental pushups, and showing them the beauty of study              through the art of biology."

Before joining the Department in 2002, Holly taught science for ten years at Lincoln High School.  While earning her M.S. degree, she conducted a field study in the San Francisco Bay looking at some of the limiting factors--including substrate, salinity and predation--for the native oyser, Ostrea lurida.

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