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Frank Cipriano

Faculty in Facilities Staff
Professor cipriano
Director of the Genomics/Transcriptomics Analysis Core
University of Arizona
At SFSU Since: 
Hensill 450
Office Hours: 
by appointment, morning usually best
Office Phone: 
(415) 338-3453
Systematics, behavioral ecology, and conservation of Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises); Molecular forensics and species identification; Factors influencing evolution, diversification and speciation in marine ecosystems

The Genomics/Transcriptomics Analysis Core (GTAC) is a core molecular biology facility operated by the Department of Biology with support from COSE. The GTAC provides equipment and materials, hands-on experience and training, and an active research environment for 40 - 60 researchers each semester (not counting faculty advisers); an additional 20 or so users make more limited use of the facility or submit samples for sequencing. The GTAC supports faculty researchers, technicians, post-docs, and graduate students from Biology, plus additional investigators from Chemistry/Biochemistry, the Romberg-Tiburon Center, adjunct faculty from the California Academy of Sciences and their graduate students, investigators from other Cal State and UC institutions, and visiting researchers.