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Amber Johnson

Faculty in Facilities Staff
Professor robertpatterson
Undergraduate Biology Labs Coordinator
San Francisco State University
At SFSU Since: 
Hensill 217
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Thursday 11-12
Effects of temperature on silicification in diatoms.

I am a local surfer girl who loves learning about the amazing biodiversity in the San Fransico Bay Area.  I am a Marine Biologist by training, but have a diverse biological background ranging from photosynthesizers, heterotrophs and even absorptive heterotrophs.  I have broad interest in all areas of ecology and evolution. I have taught a variety of courses at SFSU including major biology core laboratories, non major botany laboratories, Nature Studies, and Human Biology.  I continue to teach at SFSU because I get personal satisfaction from sharing my love of biology with my students.  I aim to inspire my students to a deeper understanding of biology that will stay with them as they embark on their careers in biology.