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Interdisciplinary Marine and Estuarine Science at RTC

Coordinator: Dr. Ellen Hines

The M.S. in Interdisciplinary Marine and Estuarine Science (MS in IMES) is an interdisciplinary program called the Research Intensive Pedagogical Training of InterDisciplinary Estuarine Scientists, or RIPTIDES, offered at San Francisco State University.

Faculty mentors in the program are from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics, Geography & Environment, and Earth & Climate Sciences.

Applicants should be aware that SF State is a member of the consortium that operates the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML), which provides a parallel graduate program in Marine Sciences. Students in either program can easily register for classes at the other facility.  Students wishing to be a graduate student in the MLML program are directed to contact their potential mentor at MLML directly for instructions on how to enroll through other consortium universities, usually San Jose State University or CSU Monterey Bay.

Program Scope

This interdisciplinary degree program is administered by the Department of Biology at San Francisco State University (SFSU), is based at the Romberg Tiburon Center, and includes faculty from a broad spectrum of marine, coastal and estuarine researchers from across SFSU departments.  This degree provides the opportunity for students to acquire a practical and theoretical education in the marine sciences to prepare them for careers as research scientists, teachers, and marine technicians. Through RTC the program provides extensive field and laboratory work for advanced study in the marine sciences.

Program Description

Click here for a description of the program coursework requirements.


RTC: Matt Ashby, Kathy Boyer, Ed Carpenter, William Cochlan, Sarah Cohen, Richard Dugdale, Matt Ferner, Ellen Hines, Wim Kimmerer, Tomoko Komada, Karina Nielsen, Jonathon Stillman, Frances Wilkerson
SFSU: Karen Crow-Sanchez, Jose de la Torre.

Note: This program is designed to be conducted primarily at RTC and is not the same as the M.S. in Biology, Concentration in Marine Biology offered by the Biology Department at the San Francisco State campus. For further information on these two different degrees, please contact the appropriate advisor at either campus.