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Cell and Molecular Biology

Coordinator: Dr. Diana Chu — (415) 405-3487; Hensill 754

This program is designed for students preparing for future graduate work as well as those wishing to increase their competency in the fields of cell and molecular biology. It emphasizes the study of cells, cell organelles, macromolecules, and the regulation of their production and interaction. As such, it represents an expanding frontier of research that integrates biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, developmental biology, and cell ultrastructure.

The specific course requirements are determined by the student's committee and are based on considerations such as goals, interests, and undergraduate preparation. A strong background in chemistry is highly recommended.

Ivan Anastassov, Laura Burrus, Mark Chan, Joseph Chen, Lily Chen, Diana Chu, Robyn Cook, Wilfred Denetclaw, Carmen Domingo, Michael Goldman, Zheng-Hui He, Leticia Marquez-Magaña, Sally Pasion, Pleuni Pennings, Robert Ramirez, Blake Riggs, Rori Rohlfs, Scott Roy, Joseph Romeo, Scott Roy, Erica Sanchez, Nicole Salazar Velmeshev, Ravinder Sehgal, José de la Torre, Steve Weinstein.


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