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CIRM at SFSU: General Information


We are not accepting new applicants for the CIRM program at SFSU at this time

California Institute of Regenerative Medicine
SFSU Bridges to Stem Cell Research Master of Science Program

Program Highlights


  • 2-year Master of Science program in Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Integrated program of academic course work in stem cell biology, ethics, and science writing
  • 5-day stem cell lab training course at UCSF or Stanford University

  • 18-month master thesis research project in stem cell biology 

  • Research opportunities at UCSF, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, CHORI, and Buck Institute for Research on Aging

  • Mentoring from research faculty, academic faculty, graduate students and peers 

  • $30,000 stipend in second year of the program contingent on successful completion of academic course work.

  • Research activities include lab meetings, journal clubs, retreats, and opportunities to attend and present research at national meetings


NOTE: We are not accepting new applicants for the CIRM program at SFSU at this time

Application Procedures

To be considered for this program you must apply to one of the following master's majors...

Cell and Molecular Biology


Professional Science Master
(Biomedical Science: Concentration in Stem Cell Science)

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Who should apply?
  • Highly motivated individuals interested in stem cell research

  • Students interested in entering stem cell workforce (PhD, MD, MS level).

  • Have completed an undergraduate degree in a Biology related area with a GPA of 3.0 or greater

  • Applicants should have some previous research experience 
This program is aimed at promoting diversity in the California stem cell workforce. Students who share this goal, especially from underrepresented minority groups, economically disadvantaged backgrounds, or who are the first generation in their families to attend college are encouraged to apply.
This program is designed to train students in the area of stem cell biology. The participating faculty provide a broad range of research options in this area of research. They also share a strong commitment to working with master-level students and promoting diversity in the stem cell field. 
In this program students will spend their first year at SFSU taking course work in developmental biology, cell culture, stem cell biology, reproductive technologies, bioethics, and scientific writing. Upon successful completion of their course work students will conduct research in laboratories at our partnering institutions, UCSF, UCB, Stanford University, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. They will participate in a broad range of activities that include working with human embryonic and adult stem cells. 
We expect that students selected for this program will participate in all scheduled parts of the program. They are expected to complete the program in two years and earn a Master’s of Science degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from SFSU. We also expect and encourage students to participate in the seminars and professional development activities, which will help them to successfully enter the stem cell workforce. 
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SFSU Faculty associated with the CIRM Program
Cell Signaling and Vertebrate Morphogenesis
Control of organelle size
Director of the Professional Science Master's Program
Chromosome Structure and Stem Cell Development
Muscle Development and Cell Migration
Cell Specification in the Early Vertebrae Embryo
Genetics and Molecular Medicine
Cellular organization during mitosis

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