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Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal Procedures - Starting Fall 2020

Effective Fall 2020 – Students will be able to initiate Withdrawal requests using their SF State Gateway.

It’s student’s responsibility to withdraw from a class. For additional withdrawal policies and guidelines, please visit the following website ( ) REQUEST TO WITHDRAW (WEEKS 4 THROUGH 12 OF INSTRUCTION)


During the fourth through twelfth week of instruction, students may request to withdraw from courses for serious and compelling reasons, as specified by the student.  Such withdrawals require approval from the instructor and the chairperson of the department offering the class.  If your request is approved, you will receive a W on your transcript for the class, indicating that you attempted the class but withdrew before completing it for a letter grade. W grades are not included in your GPA.

Undergraduates may withdraw from a maximum of 18 units throughout their entire SF State undergraduate career (see Grading Policy).  Be aware that withdrawing from one or more classes may negatively affect your financial aid (your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and your financial aid eligibility).

To request to withdraw, you will need to:

1.    Complete the online request to withdraw in your Student Center to withdraw from one or more classes. (See “Request to Withdraw.”)  Undergraduates who have reached the maximum unit limit to withdraw will not be able to submit a request.

2.    Provide a serious and compelling reason in the online request form.

3.    Your request will be routed to the appropriate approvers.  You can check the status by returning to your request in the Student Center.  You will also receive an email notification with the final decision.

4.    Continue participating in the class until your request is approved.

5.    If your request is approved, you will receive a W on your transcript. 

6.    If your request to withdraw is not approved, you must initiate the Incomplete process, if applicable, or complete the class(es). If you cease attending class, you may be assigned a WU or F (a WU is treated as an F for GPA calculation).