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Using Chem 233/333 Organic Chemistry I instead of Chem 130 General Organic Chemistry

All Biology degrees require completion of at least one semester of Organic Chemistry. Most of them require the lower division Organic Chemistry I lecture, Chem 130. However, the Microbiology and the Cell & Molecular Biology Concentrations require the Organic Chemistry I lecture, Chem 233 (as of Fall 2010, Chem 333 has been replaced with Chem 233), as well as the second semester Organic Chemistry II lecture, Chem 335. If a BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT course lists Chem 130 as a prerequisite, Chem 233 is often acceptable in lieu of Chem 130 (check with the Biology instructor to confirm this).  (NOTE:  This is not true for CHEMISTRY courses.  The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry does not accept Chem 233 as equivalent to Chem 130.)  Students may elect to take Chem 233 instead of Chem 130. The student must file a Department of Biology Equivalency Form to indicate this change. See the transfer approval information for directions on obtaining Advisor and Departmental approval for Chem 233 (or Chem 333, if taken prior to Fall 2010).

Pre-health profession students should note that the appropriate organic chemistry courses to meet the minimal science transcript requirements for health professional schools is:  Organic Chemistry I and II with labs:  Chem 233/234/335/336 (prior to Fall 2010, this series was Chem 333/334/335/336).  This organic chemistry track is part of the minimal science requirements for applying to the health profession programs (including medical school, veterinary medicine, dental school, pharmacy school).

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