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Selecting classes to meet your Biology Major requirements

It is essential for each student to develop a course plan for his/her major course work.  In developing a good course plan:

  • Review the Biology Major degree descriptions
  • Check the prerequisites for each course. Prerequisites listed for a given course are classes required to be completed prior to taking the course. In some cases, the class may be taken concurrently if indicated in the Biology course descriptions. Prerequisites in Biology must be completed with a grade of C- or better; however, the Chemistry Department requires completion of prerequisites with a grade of C or better. Prerequisites are listed in the Course Description for Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics courses.
  • The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department has developed a recommended sequence (pdf) for Biology students to take the required Chemistry courses for their major.
  • It is important to check whether a course is taught both fall and spring semesters, only fall or spring semester, or taught during the summer semester.  This will allow the student flexibility in developing the course plan. The SFSU Class Schedule will indicate in which semester courses are taught.
  • Biology majors should consult with their Biology Advisor for approval of the course plan for the majors course work. This way the student can balance the majors course work with the General Education requirements, and better gauge the time to degree.
  • The student should also meet with a General Education Advisor at the COSE Student Success Center or the Undergraduate Advising Center to determine an equivalent GE course plan. For students enrolled prior to Fall 2014, the Degree Audit Report (DARs) and Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE) track progress toward completion of the GE requirements.  As of Fall 2014, the Degree Progress Report available from the Campus Solutions Student Center tracks progress toward completion of the GE requirements for all students.  Also available from the Student Center will be the Transfer Credit Report, which lists all transfer work - this Transfer Credit Report is useful to show your Major Advisor and your GE Advisor.
  • All Biology majors are required to take Biol230/240 (General Biology I/II). We recommend that students take Chem115 (General Chemistry I) BEFORE taking Biol230/Biol240 (General Biology I/II), but it is not a requirement.
  • Four-year course plans are available for all Biology majors. These are SUGGESTED course plans--students should meet with their Biology Advisors to develop an optimal course plan for meeting their degree requirements.
  • Four-year Degree Roadmaps are also available from the University.  These are suggested course plans that include both Major and General Education requirements.  Students should meet with their Biology Advisors to develop an optimal course plan for meeting their degree requirements.
  • Do you need ONE MORE UPPER DIVISION UNIT TO COMPLETE YOUR MAJOR REQUIREMENTS??  Consider taking a summer class at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus!  Confirm with your Major Advisor before taking the class!! 

Sierra Nevada Field Campus courses:

Biol 315 (1 unit each) - Summer 2019 registration available now

Fungi of the Sierra Nevada

Flora of the Northern Sierra Nevada

Butterflies & Moths of the Sierra Nevada

Insect Biology and Identification

The Ecology and Conservation of California Bats


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