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Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science

SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicano/ Native American in Science) at SFSU is an inclusive and academic student organization that strives to advance the academic, professional and leadership qualities of our students, especially those with underrepresented backgrounds. We host informal social events within the departments of STEM and collaborate with other student and professional organizations. We hold outreach events where we collaborate with local elementary and high schools, showing them the ins and outs of college and how to bring about the most of their college experience. And finally, we hold workshops that involve computational training, networking and help with academic applications or documents for graduate school, fellowships, scholarships, etc.

You can reach us through our official email address,, and through our social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!




Black Excellence in STEM (BE-STEM) is a student organization located at San Francisco State University focused on supporting African American/Black students in science, technology, engineering, and math. Our mission is "to empower and support Black STEM students through community!" We will be providing mentoring, various outreach opportunities in the SF Bay Area community, networking opportunities, and future career planning in STEM skills. Currently, we cater to Black students in undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate programs at SFSU.

Here are some ways to contact us:
via Facebook:
via Instagram: @bestemsfsu
via email:





Graduate Opportunities to Learn Data Science
GOLD is a new program for SFSU Biology and Chemistry incoming Fall 2020 masters students who want to earn a 9-unit graduate certificate in Data Science for Biology and Chemistry.

Data Science is a powerful tool for Biologists and Chemists!

With computer programming and data science skills you can:

  • Skillfully process and analyze large, cutting edge data sets
  • Write scripts to create compelling visualization of your results
  • Use statistics to demonstrate the significance of your results
  • Save time by automating data analysis and visualization
  • Organize and annotate data for reproducibility, clarity, and long-term storage

What students get from GOLD?

  • Help you learn data science skills you need to analyze exciting biology/chemistry data sets
  • Support you to apply those skills in your thesis
  • Help you make connections outside SFSU to  help you get a job in industry or Ph.D position
  • Provide courses that are intentionally designed for biology and chemistry students.



The Student Enrichment Opportunities Office (SEO) houses many of the training fellowships available to students from freshman through to second year of the Master's degree. The Director, Dr. Megumi Fuse, runs her own lab as well as overseeing this office. The application process is usually in March for a June 1 or Sept 1 start date. No research experience is required to apply, and grades play a minimal role. We will help you find a research mentor if you have not found one on your own. Normally we would also invite you to come meet our fantastic staff, who take care of all the SEO Scholars, but during these trying times, this will have to wait.

So for now, check out our website <>, which we update as needed, or shoot us an email if you have any questions to or


The NSF REU BREED program is a funded summer internship for students interesting in entering research. Students are placed in SFSU mentor labs for 9 weeks of research along with career workshop training aimed at helping students learn about graduate school. The program is broadly focused on the intersection of environmental biology, evolution, and developmental biology in all kinds of organisms.  Research projects and host labs range across levels of inquiry from cellular, molecular, physiological, behavior, genetics, bioinformatics, ecological, evolutionary, and environmental biology.

Here is our website with more information,

We host students from SFSU, local community colleges, and other schools who are interested in trying out research in a lab for an intensive summer experience. Students can be sophomores, juniors, or seniors, but they must not be graduated already. No prior research experience is needed, just interest. I welcome inquiries, Sarah Cohen:


Promoting Inclusivity in Computing is a program intended for Biology and (Bio)Chemistry majors to learn about computer science. The program consists of a series of 5 Computer Science classes for non-CS majors (15 units total) taken over four semesters. If you complete all 5 classes successfully, you will earn a minor in Computing Applications.

The courses include CSc 306 (Computing and App Design for Biologists), CSc 220 (Data Structures and Algorithms), CSc 307 (Web and Databases for Biologists), and CSc 698A and CSc 698B (group research project). Students take classes with other biology and chemistry students and are mentored by CS grad students and Biology faculty. No prior computer science background needed.

PINC website:
PINC blog



SF BUILD is a project funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for Enhancing the Diversity of the NIH Funded Workforce. Through its implementation we focus on students, faculty, and institutional practices to create change that will transform teaching and research environments, and thereby enhance diversity of the biomedical research workforce.

The mission of SF BUILD is to enhance diversity of the biomedical research workforce by transforming the teaching and research environments at SF State. We create engaging and supportive spaces where students and faculty can safely represent different backgrounds and perspectives. Additionally, in partnership with UC San Francisco (UCSF), students and faculty receive training and mentoring to make significant contributions to biomedical research by asking innovative questions that are relevant to local communities.

BUILD Provides

  • Scholars Program
  • SF BUILD will create a community of scholars who will work together to support each other's goals and objectives.
  • SF BUILD will help you to improve your academic performance, enhance your well-being, and create a strong science identity.
  • SF BUILD will increase your competitiveness for employment in the biomedical research workforce.
  • Research & Mentorship Opportunities, Networking Opportunities, Financial Support for SFSU Tuition, Monthly Stipend for research activities, Research Funds, Professional Development Workshops

Contact Information
•    Devon Espinoza, SF BUILD Program Coordinator
•    Nichole Coleman, SF BUILD Student Training Core Program Administrator

BUILD Affiliated Opportunities
SF BUILD/Metro Near Peer Metro Program
SF BUILD collaborators with Metro at SFSU to have SFSU graduate and undergraduate students peer mentor other SFSU students who are early in their undergraduate career

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