Biology Department photograph montage


BSL-2 Research, Teaching, and Support Workers Only

Working Safely with Biohazards

Research and Teaching Personnel using human blood or unfixed human tissues only
Bloodborne Pathogens



Training done by PI or Staff Supervisor
IIPP-03 – Non-tenure track new workers who work with hazardous materials
IIPP-03B – Non-tenure track new Stockroom workers

Training done by Lab Course Coordinator (whoever supervises or directs the GTAs, etc.)
IIPP-04 – Non-tenure track laboratory instructors/GTAs, etc.

IIPP-05 – Quiz for all non-tenure track hazmat workers, including lab instructors
- Use this quiz for all non-tenure-track new employees with any of the above forms.

Note: These will change as EH&S will migrate most of these courses to CSU Learn (out of iLearn).


iLearn Courses (New Hires & Retake Annually for All)
All hazmat workers

1.    Hazardous Waste Handler
2.    Hazardous Waste Labels
3.    Release of Hazardous Materials

Stockroom and other operational staff collecting universal waste only
Universal Waste Training

To access CSU Learn, the link is below. OR go to the EHS website and click on “Skillport” on the right hand side of the page.
For non-hazmat workers (office workers, IT, etc.)

Training done by PI or Staff Supervisor
IIPP-02 - Non-tenure track new workers who do NOT work with hazardous material