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Applying for Graduation

Instructions for Using paper application to apply for Fall 2020.

Read all steps below...

If you are applying for graduation, please meet with an undergraduate advisor via Zoom to review of your graduation application. PLEASE, read through this page before completing your application.

Critical Deadlines:

Biology Department Deadline
 Univeristy Deadline

MEET with an advisor Via Zoom or
Email, to get your application reviewed and signed no later than…

FRIDAY, September 18th

The advisor will forward the application to the department for department chairs signature.

The biology department will forward your application to the registrar.

FRIDAY, September 25

Students must pay for the graduation filing fee via their gateway


Step 1: Complete both the Biology and University Survey

  • All Biology Major graduation applicants MUST complete (2) ONLINE SURVEYS before the Department will approve the graduation application.

Biology Survey - Required

University Survey

Step 2: Major Specific Graduation Checklist

  • Download the Graduation Checklist for YOUR major. Use this as a guide when filling out your application.

How to fill out the Graduation Checklist:

  • Make sure you check off each course you've completed and list the correct number of units.
  • If you are using a transfer course, check off that you have the approved Department Equivalency Form on your Checklist. A Biology Department-approved Equivalency form must accompany your application for any/all non-SF State classes used in your major and taken at another institution.
  • All upper division electives should be listed in the table available at the end of the Checklist. Use a Department Substitution form or memo (from an advisor) identifying classes used to meet Lower Division or Upper Division electives required that are not listed in your major concentration.

Step 3: Fill out the Graduation Application

  • Download the online Baccalaureate Degree Application for Graduation HERE
  • Make sure you list the courses in the same order they appear on the Graduation Checklist.
  • If the course is a transfer course, make sure you write the course name and number from the transfer campus.
  • Make sure you are following the requirements for your major for the correct Bulletin year.
  • Attach all approved Equivalency forms to your application for all non-SF State classes used in your Major and taken at another institution – this is required.
  • Attach all approved Substitution forms identifying classes used to meet Lower or Upper Division electives required that are not listed in your major concentration – this is required.

Step 4: Meet with your Advisor for approval of your Graduation Application
- This will be done with via Zoom or Email

The student should email the Biology Advisor the following documents

  • a Department of Biology Major-specific Graduation Checklist filled out prior to meeting with the advisor.
  • the Graduation Application, with the Majors course work listed in the same order that the classes appear on the checklist
  • a copy of your unofficial SF State transcript is required
  • a copy of your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and Transfer Credit Report (TCR) are required.
  • Department of Biology Equivalency and Substitution Forms.

Step 5: Your Biology Graduate Advisor will forward the approved application to the biology department for department chair's signture.

Step 6: Your last step is to Pay the graduation application fee and submit your Graduation Application to the University

(Via Your Gateway)

  • Ater you have submitted your application for advisors signature, pay your graduation applicaiton fee.  The department will forward your application to the registras' office.


  • Courses transferred into the major must be listed as they appear on the transcript from the transfer institution (both original course number and name).
  • Upper division GE courses are not generally allowed as upper division electives. In some cases, one course can be used if it is appropriate to the student's career/educational goals, with advisor approval on the substitution form.
  • All students should meet with an advisor (VIA ZOOM)

  • Your transcripts, degree progress report (DPR) and transfer credit report (TCR) and department forms must accompany the application.
  • The student is responsible for paying their graduation application fee via their gateway.

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