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Obtaining approval to cross enroll at other UC or CSU campuses or community colleges

SFSU students may wish to take advantage of the SFSU cooperative programs with UCSF, UC Berkeley, or other institutions that participate in the San Francisco Consortium. In general, during the regular sessions (summer and winter sessions and extension classes excluded) a matriculated, full-time SFSU student may take up to one course per semester at an SFSU consortium campus on a space available basis if they are unable to take the equivalent course at SFSU.

The instructor of this non-SFSU course must be willing to accept the SFSU student. The SFSU student must have SFSU Biology Department approval (Faculty Advisor and Department Chair) and SFSU registrar approval. The specific requirements are outlined in the SFSU Bulletin and the appropriate enrollment forms.

Check the REGISTRAR'S WEB SITE to determine which program are open.

Detailed information is available in the SFSU Bulletin:

Special Enrollment Programs information

Check the Registrar's web site to determine which programs are open.  Many programs are currently closed as of Fall 2010.

Forms for enrollment in special programs are available under Registration Forms.

Consortium enrollment

Concurrent enrollment at other CSU campus

Cross enrollment at California Community Colleges or UC campuses

Cross registration at UC Berkeley

The student should bring to the meeting with the Biology Advisor:

  • a copy of his/her unofficial SFSU transcripts
  • a copy of his/her Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE), and Degree Audit Report / Degree Progress Report (if a transfer student)
  • current course enrollment
  • a list of courses the student wishes to take the next semester

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