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Obtaining advisor approval of a Degree Completion plan (High Unit Student)

Students with more than 156 units are blocked from Early Priority Registration unless they submit an approved Degree Completion Plan by a specified date. The Degree Completion Plan can be downloaded from the Registrar’s Office Forms page.

How to fill out the Degree Completion Plan

The student fills out Parts I, II, and III BEFORE meeting with the Biology Major Advisor.

The student should bring to the meeting with the Biology Advisor:

  • a copy of his/her unofficial SFSU transcripts
  • a copy of his/her Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE), and Degree Audit Report (if a transfer student)
  • current course enrollment
  • a list of courses the student wishes to take the next semester
  • copies of previous Degree Completion Plans, if this is not his/her first Plan

The Biology Advisor reviews the remaining degree requirements in Part I and signs the form.

Once the advisor approves the plan, the student takes the form to the Department of Biology office for Department approval. The student does not meet with the Chair of the Department.

The student obtains approval for Part II at the Advising Center (ADM 211).

The approved Degree Completion Plan must be submitted by the designated deadline to the One Stop Center. The student should keep a copy of the Degree Completion Plan.

All high-unit students must submit this plan EVERY semester until graduation.


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