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Obtaining advisor approval of an Academic Probation Form (Mandatory Advising, Probation)

Students who are on academic probation, mandatory advising, or subject to disqualification are required to meet with their advisors for approval of the academic advising petition prior to registration. Additional information is available at the Undergraduate Advising Hub web page on Academic Probation (this contains useful information that may help probation students clear their probation status).

Probation Advising for Biology students


For students who are on "Subject to Disqualification" status 

University records indicate that you have been on academic probation and/or subject to disqualification for a number of semesters at SF State. According to our records, you have an overall grade point average (GPA) and/or SF State GPA that is below 2.0.

Students who have been on continuous probation and/or subject to disqualification for three continuous semesters will be administratively withdrawn from the University at the end of their third semester.

In order for you to continue your studies at San Francisco State University, you must be advised and reinstated by your department by the deadline (you should have received an e-mail from the Registrar's Office).  Note that if either or both of your College and SF State GPAs remain below 2.0 for three consecutive semesters, you will be placed on PROBATION LOCK (PLOCK) status.  PLOCK students will need to bring their SF State and Overall GPAs through the College of Extended Learning (CEL).


  1. To avoid disqualification, you must be reinstated by your Dept/College by the deadline specified by the Registrar's Office.
  2. Students who were able to add classes during Priority Registration in the previous semester will have their classes dropped if they are not reinstated by the deadline. Once dropped from enrollment in classes in the upcoming semester, students will need to re-add classes after they have been reinstated by their Dept/College.  There is no exception for late reinstatement. 

For students who have been on Probation or “Subject to Disqualification” for 3 consecutive semesters

If you have been either on probation or subject to disqualification for 3 or more continuous semesters (not including the summer session), you are unable to register due to a Probation Lock Hold.  You must improve your SFSU and Overall GPAs to a minimum 2.0 as described below.  Please see this web page for procedures for students with a Probation Lock hold.

What to do if you have a Probation Lock Hold??
After you have been disqualified, you must repair your SFSU GPA and Overall GPA to ≥ 2.0. To improve your SFSU and Overall GPA's, you must take classes at SFSU as a CEL student. Taking classes at a community college will not improve your SFSU GPA. After you have repaired your GPA, you must reapply to SFSU to enroll as a regular SFSU student (because you have skipped two consecutive semesters as a regular SFSU student).
Students can find more information at the registrar's web site: 
The Reinstatement form is available at this web site: 

In addition, the College of Science and Engineering Student Resource Center provides useful Probation Help information. You can find a cumulative GPA calculator at this link: Cumulative GPA Calculator.  There is also a Grade Point Deficit Calculator available.

The student should bring to the meeting with the Biology Advisor:

  • copies of PREVIOUS ACADEMIC STANDING PETITIONS/PROBATION CONTRACTS (available at the Department of Biology Office, HH534)
  • the current Academic Probation Hold Clearance Form (available from the Advising Hub Academic Probation web page)
  • a copy of his/her unofficial SF State transcript
  • a copy of his/her Degree Audit Report / Degree Progress Report, transfer credit report (if a transfer student), and Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE) if applicable, and 
  • current course enrollment (if not on SF State transcript)
  • a list of courses the student wishes to take the next semester
  • any documents to support serious and compelling reasons which may have contributed to his/her poor academic performance

How to fill out the Academic Probation Hold Clearance Form (instructions on page 2 of the form)

  1. Student fills out the top portion of the petition, Part A.
  2. Student uses the unofficial SF State transcript, and DARS/ASE forms to fill-in the GPA info.
  3. Student fills out Part A completely. In Part A, the student (1) should provide an explanation for why academic performance was affected, should clearly state how academic performance will be improved for the next semester, and (2) should provide a specific list of courses that will be taken (Dept and course number). The student signs Part B after discussing conditions with the Major Advisor.
  4. The Major Advisor fills out Part B:  listing specific courses (and alternatives if appropriate) that the student may register in for the semester, and stating specific conditions to be met during the semester (meeting with advisor, participating in tutoring, attending office hours with instructors, participating in academic skills workshops, participating in study groups, decreasing employment hours, increasing study time, etc.).  The Grade Point Deficit Calculator is used with the SF State transript to determine the current Grade Poitn Deficit. The student and Major Advisor sign in Part B.
  5. Once the petition contract has been signed by the advisor, the student turns it into the Department Office for the Chair’s signature. The student does not meet with the Chair. The student will pick up the signed form along with information on how to contact the Director of the COSE Student Resource Center (Dr. Nilgun Ozer, who will meet with the student as the COSE Dean’s representative for final approval of the petition.

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