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Minor in General Biology

Students wishing to complete a Minor in Biology degree program are required to complete a minimum of 23 units in Biology majors courses, of which at least one-half must be upper division units.  Students entering any of the programs in Biology should have a sound background in high school chemistry, physics, and mathematics. This program is designed to give breadth rather than depth in Biology. To accomplish this, advanced coursework is distributed in genetics, physiology, and ecology. Additional electives are also required.  All courses in the minor must be completed with letter grades (CR/NC is not acceptable).

The Minor in Biology degree may be completed by students whose career goals would be enhanced by supporting courses in Biology.  These include students who major in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nursing, Anthropology, or Criminal Justice.

Students are encouraged to contact advisors for planning coursework programs.  In particular, students should consult the Bulletin to determine whether they have met the prerequisites prior to taking the upper division Biology classes.

Lower-Division Requirements (10 units)
BIOL 230
Introductory Biology I
BIOL 240
Introductory Biology II
Total Lower Division Requirements
Upper-Division Requirements (13 units)
At least one course must be selected, on advisement, from each of the following areas:
One course from the following:
BIOL 355
BIOL 337
One Physiology Course from the following:
BIOL 525
Plant Physiology
BIOL 612
Human Physiology
BIOL 630
Animal Physiology
One Ecology Course from the following:
BIOL 482
Ecology (4)
BIOL 529
Plant Ecology (4)
BIOL 534
Wetland Ecology (4)
BIOL 580
Limnology (3)
BIOL 582
Biological Oceanography (4)
BIOL 585/586
Marine Ecology with laboratory (3/2)
Upper division Electives selected in Consultation with an advisor
Total Units required for Minor

Minor in Biology Degree Description (pdf)

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