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MCMB Colloquium Spring 2011




BIOL 871
Colloquium in Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology

Spring 2011

Thursdays  •  4:10-5:00 PM  •  SCI 210


 Date  Speaker  Title  Host
 Feb. 3rd  Eliseo Pérez-Stable
UC San Francisco
 Research on Latino cancer disparities: Can we explain the rates?  Leticia Marquez-Magaña
 Feb. 10th   Lynn Connolly
UC San Francisco
 That which does not kill TB makes it stronger:
 Mechanisms of antibiotic tolerance during tuberculosis
 José de la Torre
 Feb. 17th  Barbara Panning
UC San Francisco
 Epigenetic Regulation in Stem Cells  Diana Chu
 Feb. 24th  Virginia Walbot
Stanford University
 Anther development in maize -- origin of meiotic cells  Zheng-Hui He
 Mar. 3rd  Jennifer Fletcher
UC Berkeley/USDA
 This end up: Role of the BOP genes in regulating leaf patterning  Zheng-Hui He
 Mar. 10th  Kathleen Ryan
UC Berkeley
 An essential tyrosine phosphatase regulates Caulobacter cell separation and morphology  Joseph Chen
 Mar. 17th  Peter Walter
UC San Francisco
 The unfolded protein response in health and disease  Ravinder Sehgal
 Mar. 24th  David Schneider
Stanford University
 Why do we get sick when we get infected?  José de la Torre
 Mar. 31st Spring Break
No Seminar  
 Apr. 7th  Needhi Bhalla
UC Santa Cruz
 The synapsis checkpoint in C. elegans meiosis  José de la Torre
 Apr. 14th  Virgil Rhodius
UC San Francisco
 Decoding transcriptional networks: Bacterial promoters and sigma factors  José de la Torre
 Apr. 21st  David Morgan
UC San Francisco
 Flipping the switch in mitosis  José de la Torre
 Apr. 28th  Aaron Straight
Stanford University
 Mechanisms of eukaryotic chromosome segregation  José de la Torre
 May 5th  Alejandro Sweet-Cordero
Stanford University
 Functional genomics of oncogenic Kras signaling  José de la Torre
 May 12th  Arash Komeli
UC Berkeley
 Formation of magnetic minerals in bacteria  José de la Torre