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MCMB Colloquium Spring 2012



BIOL 871
Colloquium in Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology

Spring 2012

Thursdays  •  4:10-5:00 PM  •  SCI 210


 Date  Speaker  Title  Host
Jan 26

Jennifer Graves
Australian National University & La Trobe University

Sex chromosomes and the evolution of epigenetic silencing Michael Goldman
Feb 2 Bruce Conklin
UC San Francisco
Patient-specific Stem Cells, Pharmacology and Cardiovascular Genetics Sally Pasion
Feb 9 Eva Nogales
UC Berkeley
Visualizing the molecular machinery essential for cell division José de la Torre
Feb 16 Shannon Bennett
California Academy of Sciences
The Evolutionary and Epidemic Dynamics of Dengue Virus José de la Torre
Feb 23

Vicki Auerbuch Stone
UC Santa Cruz

Pore formation mediated by the Yersinia type III secretion system is not sufficient to trigger innate immune signaling. Joseph Chen
Mar 1 Jamila Newton
UC San Francisco
Why do we get fatter as we get older?  Unveiling age-related changes in the hypothalamic feeding circuit Sally Pasion
Mar 8 Karen Zito
UC Davis
Activity-dependent mechanisms of neuronal plasticity Megumi Fuse
Mar 15 Tigwa Davis
UC San Francisco
Loss of ß-catenin leads to defects in refinement of ipsilaterally projecting RGCs in the dLGN Sally Pasion
Mar 29 Eva Harris
UC Berkeley
Building Partnerships and Unraveling Complexity: Defining the Dynamics of Viral and Immunological Determinants of Dengue Disease Severity in Nicaragua Sally Pasion
Apr 5 Dorothy Jones-Davis
UC San Francisco
Quantitative Trait Loci for Interhemispheric Commissure Development and Social Behaviors in the BTBR T+ tf/J mouse model of autism Sally Pasion
Apr 12 Louis Reichardt
UC San Francisco
Important roles for neurotrophic factors in the brain. Studies on BDNF and its receptor TrkB Sally Pasion
Apr 19 Fitnat Yildiz
UC Santa Cruz
Vibrio cholerae biofilms: matrix production and regulation Blake Riggs
Apr 26 Lorena Navarro
UC Davis
The Yersinia type III effector YpkA targets host cellular signaling Robert Ramirez
May 3 Bill Sullivan
UC Santa Cruz
Wolbachia, Riverblindness and Big Sur Blake Riggs
May 10 Anita Sil
UC San Francisco
Regulation of cell shape and virulence by temperature Joseph Chen