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MCMB Colloquium Fall 2014




BIOL 871
Colloquium in Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology

Fall 2014

Thursdays  •  4:00-5:00 PM  •  SCI 210


 Date  Speaker  Title  Host
Sept 4  Dr. Utkan Demirci (Stanford) Micro and Nanoscale Tools for Medicine  R. Segal
Sept 11  Dr. Megumi Fuse (SFSU) Physiological Responses to Tissue Damage:  Pain and Delayed Development  
Sept 18  Dr. Michael Marvin (UCSF)

 When Splicing Get Tough a Kinase Gets Going

 J. de la Torre
Sept 25 Dr. Miri Van Hoven (SJSU)  Sending Signals -- How Neurons Hook Up  C. Chu
Oct 2  Dr. Matt Welch (UC Berkeley)

Mobilization of the Actin Cytoskeleton by Microbial Pathogens.

 J. de la Torre
Oct 9 Dr. Emilia Huerta-Sanchez (UC Berkeley) Adaptation to High Altitude -- An Example of Adaptive Introgression in Humans  C. Moffat
Oct 16  Dr. Jeremy Wilbur (Stem CentRX)

Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Antibody Based Therapeutics 

Oct 23  Dr. Megan Mayerle (UCSF) Brr2 and Prp8 Retinitis Pigmentosa Alleles Impacting the Efficiency and Fidelity of Multiple Steps in the Splicing Cycle  S. Roy
Oct 30  Dr. Barry Bowman (UCSC) Discovery of a Novel Organelle that Delivers Proteins to the Lysosome B. Riggs
Nov 6  Dr. Graciela Unguez (NMSU) Nerve-Dependent Plasticity of Skeletal Muscle in Electric Fish:  Not What the Mammals Have Told Us L. Burrus
Nov 13 Dr. Diane Barber (UCSF) New Views on Signal Integration for Cancer and Stem Cell Behaviors C. Domingo
Nov 20  Dr. Maria Barna (Stanford) Novel Modes of Cellular Communication:  From Specialized Ribosomes to Signaling Filopodia W. Denetclaw
Dec 4  Dr. Isha Seales (Dept of Justice) Not Your Televised C.S.I. B.Riggs
Dec 11 Dr. James Murray (CSUEB) Toward an Ecology of Brain:  Neuroethology, Ecology, and Habitat of the Sea Slug Tritonia tetraquetra M. Fuse