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MCMB Colloquium Fall 2011




BIOL 871
Colloquium in Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology

Fall 2011

Thursdays  •  4:10-5:00 PM  •  SCI 210


 Date  Speaker  Title  Host
Sep 1 Dennis Bua
Stanford University
Dissection of chromatin signaling networks using peptide and nucleotide microarrays Sally Pasion
Sep 8 Jack Meeks
UC Davis
Decision making during cellular differentiation in filamentous cyanobacteria José de la Torre
Sep 15 Mitch Singer
UC Davis
Transcriptional control of development in the soil bacteriumMyxococcus xanthus Jospeh Chen
Sep 22 Adam Lauring
UC San Francisco
The Evolutionary Landscape of RNA Virus Populations José de la Torre
Sep 29 Megumi Fuse
SF State University
Systemic responses during tissue regeneration after X-ray damage José de la Torre
Oct 6 Angela Johnson
St. Mary's College of Maryland
The conundrum of women scientists of color Kimberly Tanner
Oct 13 Stacey Harmer
UC Davis
Timing is everything: the plant circadian clock and its outputs José de la Torre
Oct 20 Thomas Sharpton
UC San Francisco
Mining the Metagenome: Computational approaches quantify the diversity of microbial communities José de la Torre
Oct 27 John Rubenstein
UC San Francisco
Generation of cortical interneurons José de la Torre
Nov 3 Todd Lowe
UC Santa Cruz
RNA-seq Suggests Widespread Antisense RNA Regulation in Archaea José de la Torre
Nov 10

Ravinder Sehgal

Avian malaria José de la Torre
Nov 17 Tom Kornberg
UC San Francisco
Direct delivery mechanisms for long distance signaling and morphogen dispersion Blake Riggs
Dec 1 Joe DeRisi
UC San Francisco
The malaria Apicoplast – a mystery resolved Ravinder Sehgal
Dec 8 Julin Maloof
UC Davis
The transcriptional landscape of wild and domesticated tomato José de la Torre