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Meeting the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) in the Department of Biology

The Biology Department offers several courses that satisfy the GWAR (Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement). In addition to the biology/chemistry course prerequisites for these courses (if indicated in the course description), these courses now require that you have completed ENG 214 (or its equivalent, with a C- or better). Currently each of these courses has been approved to be taught as a GWAR course for Biology majors (note the GW designation in the bulletin course description):
BIOL 344 GW Research Skills
BIOL 351 GW Experiments in Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 402 GW General Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 475 GW Herpetology
BIOL 478 GW Ornithology
BIOL 529 GW Plant Ecology
BIOL 570 GW Biology of Fishes
BIOL 613 GW Human Physiology Laboratory
BIOL 631 GW Animal Physiology Laboratory
SCI 560 GW Science Writing - GWAR
All Biology Majors should plan on completing one of the available GWAR Biology courses (listed above); the course will meet an upper division major requirement or will be used for upper division elective units for the major.  The listed courses are eligible to meet the GWAR only if the course name includes the "GW" designation when the student completed the course.
Note that Biology Majors have flexibility for which GWAR course they can take to meet their requirement, as long as the prerequisites for course have been completed.  In general, Cell & Molecular Biology majors should take Biol 351 GW, and Microbiology majors should take Biol 402 GW.  Botany and Ecology majors may take Biol 529 GW,  Zoology majors may choose between Biol 475 GW, Biol 478 GW, and Biol 529 GW, Marine Biology majors may choose between Biol 570 GW and Biol 631 GW, and Physiology majors should take either Biol 613 GW or Biol 631 GW.  General Biology majors have at least six options for GWAR classes.  More courses will be available soon. Please check with your advisor about this graduation requirement. All major should confirm with their Major Advisor the best GWAR option based on their major requirements and their career goals.  We recommend that you complete ENG 214 prior to starting your upper division course work.
Note:  In order to meet the graduation requirement, students must complete the GWAR course with a C- or better.
Note:  Students can confirm they have completed the GWAR by reviewing the Degree Progress Report.
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