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Changing your major

To change your major you must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in the current major.

Please note that anyone with a GPA greater than 2.0 can change their major to pre-biology (especially if they have not yet taken Biol 230 Introductory Biology I), and that anyone with a GPA greater than 2.0 who has completed at least 2 courses within a Biology degree program can change to a specific concentration (B.A. or B.S in Biology).

Students must meet with an appropriate Biology Major Advisor for the major to which they are changing, and take to this meeting the following paperwork:

  • current unofficial SF State transcript
  • a copy of their Degree Progress Report (DPR) and Transfer Credit Report (if a transfer student)
  • current course enrollment (should be on their SF State transcript)
  • prospective course plan
  • change of major form (available on internet as downloadable pdf here, or at the Department of Biology Office)

After the advisor approves the change of major, the student takes the form to the Department of Biology for the signature of the Chair of the Department.

NOTE: Undeclared students who wish to change their major to a Biology degree, be certain that the Biology major is the appropriate major for you. If you are considering applying for the B.S. Nursing degree, you should select your new major based on the course requirements that overlap with the Nursing major. Consider the fact that the Nursing major is an impacted major (more students apply than can be accepted). A better strategy to obtain your degree in a reasonable time may be to select a major that will accept the Nursing-related courses for credit towards the major, so that you will not have to start from scratch with with a new major if you are not accepted into the Nursing degree program. This is particularly important if you have already taken Biol. 210/211 and Biol 610/611--these courses are not accepted for Biology major credit. The following majors do accept some of these courses for the major:

In addition, you may review information on "Steps to Become a California Registered Nurse" here:

or review information for FUTURE NURSES here: