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Biology Undergraduate Graduation Checklists

Graduation Application Submission Process
(for SUMMER 2019)

All Biology Major graduation applicants for SUMMER 2019 MUST complete an ONLINE SURVEY [not yet availablebefore the Department will approve the graduation application. Your input will help the Department improve its programs and courses for all Biology students.

  • This requirement does not apply to Minor in Biology degree candidates.

  • If you do not have a Biology Major Advisor, please obtain your Biology Advisor assignment at the Department of Biology Office.

Download the Biology Advising Checklist BEFORE you visit your Biology Major Advisor. Make sure that you bring all the required paperwork indicated in the Biology Advising Checklist for your meeting with your Advisor.

If you are applying for graduation, please meet with an undergraduate advisor at the Undergraduate Advising Center (ADM 211


an advisor at the COSE Student Success Center (SCI 214 for review of your GE and University Graduation requirements.

The Undergraduate Advising Center has walk-in advising.
Check their calendar on their web page

The COSE Student Success Center advisors are presenting
 WORKSHOPS. Check their web page  !

SUMMER 2019 Biology Advising 

If you wish to meet with a Biology Advisor, please make sure that you

•stop at the Department of Biology Office HH534


•read the CHECKLIST

•bring ALL the required documents (Degree Progress Report, unofficial SF State transcripts, transcripts from transfer campus, forms) for your meeting with the Biology Advisor 

Important deadlines:

Deadline to submit your graduation application to the Department of Biology Office (HH534):

FRIDAY, July 5, 2019, 5pm

Deadline to submit your Department-approved graduation application (with application fee receipt, $100) to the Registrar's Office:

FRIDAY, July 12, 2019, 5pm

Step One: Access to Online Survey

  1. Please click on the following link to access the Summer 2019 Graduating Biology Major Survey: 

  2. Please complete the online survey. Your responses will remain strictly anonymous.

Step Two: Fill out your Major Specific Graduation Checklist

Click on the following links to download the Graduation Checklist for the indicated major.

  • Note, clicking on the link will open the checklist as a pdf in your browser. You can download the pdf by either "right-clicking" from a PC or holding down the mouse-click on a Mac and selecting the download or save the link option. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these pdfs.

2018 - 2019 Graduation Checklists:

B.A. in Biology, General

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Botany

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Ecology

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Marine Biology and Limnology

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Microbiology

B.S. in Biology:  Concentration in Microbiology (Clinical Science Track - consult with Microbiology Advisor for approval)

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Physiology

B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Zoology

B.S. in Clinical Science  (2009-2010 checklist)

Minor in Biology

You can find Graduation Checklists for previous years on the Archived Graduation Checklists web page. Alternatively, you can pick up the appropriate checklist for your Bulletin Year at the Department of Biology Office (HH534). If you are following requirements for your major from a previous bulletin, please come by the Biology Department Office (Hensill Hall 534) to obtain a copy of the major requirements from the bulletin year that you are following.

How to fill out the Graduation Checklist:


  • Make sure you check off each course completed and list the correct number of units on the Graduation Checklist.

  • If you are using a transfer course, check off that you have the approved Department Equivalency Form with your Checklist. An Equivalency form must be attached to your application for any/all non-SFSU classes used in your major and taken at another institution. Click here to view instructions on how to fill out the Equivalency form.

  • All upper division electives should be listed in the table available at the end of the Checklist. All elective courses should be listed on the approved Department Substitution Form with your Checklist. Click here to view instructions on how to fill out the Substitution form.

Step Three: Fill out the Graduation Application

Click here to see how to fill out the Baccalaureate Degree Application for Graduation.

List your majors courses on the Graduation Application in the same order the courses are listed on the Graduation Checklist.

Below is a list of course numbers that were changed for the current bulletin year. Please note these changes as appropriate.

Previous Course Number = New Course Number

  • CHEM 111 = CHEM 115
  • CHEM 113 = CHEM 215
  • CHEM 114 = CHEM 216
  • MATH 220 = MATH 226
  • MATH 221 = MATH 227
  • CHEM 333 = CHEM 233 (as of Fall 2010)

Please note that CHEM 333/233 may be used in place of CHEM 130 (requires a Biology Department Equivalency form and approval by your Major Advisor).  This policy does not apply to Chemistry course prerequisites.  In particular, if you plan to take either Chem 349 General Biochemistry OR Chem 340 Biochemistry I, you must complete both Chem 233 and Chem 335, BEFORE taking Biochemistry (see the course descriptions for the COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS).

Step Four: Submit your Graduation Application to the Department for Approval

Submit to the Department of Biology the following forms:

  • Completed Biology Major Graduation Checklist
  • Completed and advisor-approved Baccalaureate Degree Application
  • Completed and approved Biology Equivalency Forms
  • Completed and approved Biology Substitution Forms
  • copy of Unofficial SF State Transcript

Check the "Obtaining approval for your graduation application" web page for the remaining steps.

Congratulations to all graduating seniors!! We wish you good luck in your future career.