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Biology Stockroom Ordering Procedures


The Biology Stockroom processes the paperwork for all requisition and purchase orders for the Department of Biology. This covers all orders on General Fund accounts. General Fund accounts are those accounts which are administered in the office of the College of Science and Engineering, and include new faculty start-up accounts.

Please submit all ordering paperwork to the Biology Stockroom for processing.  You should use a requisition template from your computer and print out your orders or e-mail them. These templates are available from the Stockroom.

Procedure for Ordering Supplies or Equipment

Use computer template – “New Requisition Template” Version 1.0.a



1. “CAMPUS CONTACT”:  enter your name in the yellow box.  Enter your phone number in the blue box.
2. “DELIVERY LOCATION”:  enter the room or lab that your order will be used.
3. “DATE TYPED”:  the date that you are filling the requisition.

4. “DATE NEEDED”:  enter the date you want to receive items in the yellow box.  DO NOT put ASAP.

NOTE: Towards the end of the fiscal year, orders are processed slowly because there is a much higher order load in Purchasing. Also, there is a "dead" period between the cutoff for ordering on the ending fiscal year funds and the beginning of ordering on the new fiscal year funds. This generally means that there are no new General Fund orders processed during the month of June.

5. “ATTACHMENTS”:  click the box to indicate if you are including any attachments.

6. “PRICE QUOTED BY”:  enter the name of the person that quoted you the price (indicate year or volume if obtained from catalog).

7. "QUOTE DATE":  indicate the date that the quote was obtained.

8. “QUOTATION NUMBER”: enter the vendor's quotation number.  If there is no quotation number, put “N/A”.


Item Description

1. In the column “Line” enter the line number of each order.  Do not include notes as a line item number.

2. In the column "QTY" enter the quantity of the item you want. For example, if you want 500 pipet tips, but they are sold 500/box, then enter "1".

3. In the column "UNIT" enter the basic unit you are ordering, such as each, box, pack, case, etc. If you are ordering a quantity such as 500 grams or 1000 units, enter "each" and indicate the quantity in the item description.

4. Under "DESCRIPTION" enter a concise but complete description of the item you want. For chemical names, please spell out the name except for the most common abbreviations (i.e., HEPES, EDTA, etc.).

5. Under "CATALOG #" enter the catalog number, if there is one.

6. Under "UNIT PRICE" enter the price per unit of the item.

7. Do not enter a price under "EXTENSION".

8. Please do not enter tax or total costs.

9. Please obtain the freight charge from the vendor and enter it in the “Freight” box.  If vendor is not able to tell you what the freight charge will be, then estimate it as 10% of the cost.  Be sure to note it as “shipping charge was estimated” in the description column.

If there is a known special handling or freight charge, please enter it in the "DESCRIPTION" column, (ex: box fee, dry ice fee).

Vendor and Requestor Information

10. At the bottom of the page under "SUGGESTED VENDOR/ADDRESS" enter the vendor name, address and telephone number.

Please include a FAX number, if known.

11. In the box "COURSE" please enter the course or courses for which the item is being ordered, or enter "startup" if a start-up account will be used.

12. In the box "REQUESTER" please enter your name or the person that you are ordering for.

13. A receipt is automatically generated.  Please keep the receipt of delivery sheet and give it to Justin Chan when your order is complete.  To ensure timely payment to vendor, please sign and date when order is complete and return to Justin Chan promptly.  Thank you.