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Bachelor of Science in Biology: Concentration in Botany

DaturaThe Botany program at San Francisco State University is designed to provide students with a broad background in biology of plants and their interrelationships with other organisms. Owing to the extensive and well-balanced curriculum in botany, students working toward the Bachelor of Science: Concentration in Botany have opportunities to study structural, physiological, ecological, and evolutionary aspects of plants. Interested students are encouraged to combine or supplement their studies with pertinent course-work in zoology, microbiology, or molecular biology. Upon graduation from SFSU with the B.S. in Biology: Concentration in Botany, students will be well-prepared for occupations in botanical fields or for graduate study in Botany.


Facilities available for instruction and student research are extensive and modern, including vascular plant and cryptogamic herbaria, growth chambers, greenhouses housing diverse collections, photographic laboratories, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, and complete computer facilities. SFSU also maintains two field stations that see extensive use by Botany students and faculty. The Sierra Nevada Field Campus, situated in the northern Sierra Nevada at an elevation of 1700 meters, provides an excellent base from which to study the plants and natural history of the region. The Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, located in the northwest portion of San Francisco Bay, is actively used by students and faculty involved with marine and estuarine botany.

The Botany program maintains a close association with the California Academy of Sciences, located in nearby Golden Gate Park. The Academy's extensive research collection of plants is available for a wide variety of studies in Botany. Also located in Golden Gate Park is the San Francisco Botanical Garden, a 40-acre collection of exotic and native plant specimens, plus the Conservatory of Flowers, housing an excellent collection of tropical plants. The Botany program also maintains cordial relationships with other institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area, enhancing and encouraging opportunities for students of Botany to interact.

Bachelor of Science in Biology: Concentration in Botany
Degree Requirements

B.S. Biology: Concentration in Botany Degree Description from SF State Bulletin

B.S. in Biology:  Concentration in Botany degree description (pdf)

Recommended 4-year course plan for B.S. in Biology, Concentration in Botany

Additionally, keep in mind that most upper division classes are not taught every semester, and some are taught in alternate years. 

Classes taught only in fall:

Biol 500 — Evolution and Diversity of Plants (odd numbered years only) 
Biol 504 — Biology of the Fungi (even numbered years only) 
Biol 505 — Plant Anatomy (even numbered years only) 
Biol 529 — Plant Ecology (every year) 
Biol 800 — Higher Fungi (odd numbered years only)

Classes taught only in spring:

Biol 502 — Biology of the Algae (every year) 
Biol 514 — Plant Taxonomy (every year) 

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