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Bachelor of Arts in General Biology

The curriculum in General Biology provides breadth of exposure to fundamental areas of biology. Since basic principles of physical science are central to many biological concepts, course work in physics and chemistry is included in the lower division requirements.

The General Biology degree should be taken by students intending to obtain a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Sciences (Concentration in Biological Science). Students who are considering teaching life sciences should see a credential advisor in the Department of Biology before planning the major. Students are required to complete additional courses that specifically prepare them to teach in the California secondary school system (BIOL 337 Evolution and CHEM 216 General Chemistry II Laboratory, are both REQUIRED; in addition, courses covering geology, astronomy, oceanography, and meteorology are REQUIRED). The program is subject to changes imposed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

Bachelor of Arts in General Biology
Degree Requirements

*Students planning to earn a teaching credential must take an evolution course and an organismal biology course.

**cannot double count Biol 453 or 454 to meet both Cell Biology & Evolution/Organismal Biology requirements

B.A. in General Biology Degree Description from SF State Bulletin

B.A. General Biology Degree Description (pdf)

Recommended 4-year course plan for B.A. in General Biology

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