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Applying to SFSU Biology Graduate Programs

Biology Department
Graduate Program Application

Application For Fall 2018 will open October 1, 2017

Deadline is February 1, 2018

Please note: The minimum GPA requirement for applying to the M.S. in Biology
program at SFSU is 3.0 in your last 60 semester (90 quarter) units.

Here are the steps you need to take to apply to the biology department graduate program as San Francisco State…


Apply to SF State, throug Cal State Apply.  However, at this time the Fall 2018 application is not available, please check our website again in October.



Start preparing the following documents and eventually upload them to application portal.

Letters of Recommendation
You need a minimum (2) Letters of Recommendation. You will need to ask your recommenders to upload these letter to your application portal (the URL link for uploading will be available once you apply).  Instructions for recommenders can be found at:


Statement of Purpose
You will need to write a “Statement of Purpose” explaining why you want to attend this program. 
You can upload this file as a (.doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf format). Prepare a two-page essay that discusses your interests and goals relating to your pursuing a M.S. in Biology. In this essay, please address the following:

Let us know a little about who you are. This can include where you are from, your upbringing, your educational experiences, or relevant stories that help us get to know you.  Tell us about how your motivation to pursue graduate studies in Biology developed. Describe previous research or laboratory experience.   Describe how participation in our program will benefit your educational or career goals. Identify which faculty members whose research matches your interests.


All Science Transcripts
You will need to
list of all the science courses you have taken on our “All Science Transcript” form.  This form can be found at our website:

We required that all applicants take the general GRE exam (Institution Code: 4683) or the TOFEL (for international students) and submit your scores to your application portal

This is a good time to start working on these requirements, so that when the application is open in October you will be able to submit them in a timely manner.


Begin to identify potential biology faculty mentors you would like to work with. We admit only those applicants who have been invited to join the lab of a graduate faculty member. Email the professor and express your interest in joining their lab.
You can find their profiles (listed by emphasis) at our website:

You will need to list the potential faculty mentors on your application portal. 

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