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Appealing the University Course Repeat Policy

According to the University Course Repeat Policy, students may not enroll in courses that they have already taken except under certain circumstances.  This policy applies only to courses taken at SF State in Fall 2008 or later.  

What this means when you attempt to add classes that are not repeatable for credit:  You may add a class you have already taken one more time, but only if you received a grade of "C-" or lower (including a grade of No Credit or W), the first time you took the course. Even if you withdraw from a class, you will only be allowed to enroll one more time.

If you wish to repeat a course offered in the Department of Biology, the Appeal Policy is outlined here:  CourseRepeatAppeal.pdf

Please note that beginning Fall 2013, it will no longer be possible to repeat a course for a THIRD TIME (or beyond) through the College of Extended Learning.  Lower division courses that need to be taken for a third time can be taken at a community college. Upper division courses, however, pose a more serious problem. IF students need to take an upper division course for a third time, they will have the following options:
a. Take the upper division course at another 4 year institution while matriculated at SFSU (for example, through UC Berkeley Extension).
b. File a petition for a “Waiver of College Regulations” to take the course a third time. Waivers will only be granted under two strict conditions: (a) to expedite graduation in the SAME SEMESTER that the course is being taken or (b) if the student has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond his or her control (e.g., accident, illness, death). Incontrovertible proof of this severe circumstance will be required.

The course descriptions indicate whether a course may be repeated for credit. We also encourage you to review your degree roadmap and meet with your advisor before you enroll in classes. For complete information about this new policy, please check the Registrar's web site, or contact the Registrar's Office: email,, phone, 415.338.2350 or in person at One Stop Student Services Center.