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Genomics/Transcriptomics Analysis Core

Research Support Services and Training

The Genomics/Transcriptomics Analysis Core at San Francisco State University is a core molecular biology facility operated by the Department of Biology with support from the College of Science and Engineering (COSE). The GTAC provides molecular genetics equipment, computer analysis facilities and software, and training in the use of the facilities and software, to undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and visiting researchers.

The GTAC supports research activities by SFSU researchers within the Department of Biology, affiliated researchers at Romberg Tiburon Center and the California Academy of Sciences, other departments at SFSU, investigators from other Cal State universities and the University of California, and visiting researchers from other institutions. Currently, more than 40 researchers use the GTAC for all or a large portion of their work (not counting faculty advisers); an additional 20 or so users make more limited use of the facility or submit samples for sequencing, and additional investigators from other laboratories and a variety of undergraduate classes use the lab facilities occasionally.

The GTAC provides undergraduate courses with laboratory modules, equipment and materials, sequencing services, guest lectures and laboratory tours, and hosts a graduate course (BIOL 818) in molecular methods that trains students in basic skills needed for their thesis projects. The facility has supported more than 120 completed Master’s Thesis projects (to date), and resulted in a long list of publications in basic and applied research.

Facilities and Consumables

Users of the GTAC have access to basic molecular laboratory equipment and stocks of commonly used reagents, laboratory consumables, and specialized kits for DNA extraction, standard PCR, long PCR, PCR product cleanup, cloning, restriction enzymes, DNA sequencing, and microsatellite analysis. The GTAC operates as a “recharge facility” – materials are available on hand, and users are billed for the replacement costs of materials used and for special orders placed for them by GTAC staff. Costs of all materials and procedures are pro-rated on a per-sample basis, including shipping and sales taxes. Users submit a billing form at the end of each month, listing all materials used, and are invoiced every two months. Within the university, invoiced charges are often paid via transfer from an SFSU account into the GTAC account, checks and wire transfers can also be used for payment on invoices. 

DNA Sequencing and Microsatellite Analysis

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